As a member of the EEEA, you profit by marketing your expertise in energy-efficient building products and technology.

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New Market

Overseas markets are eager to reduce their dependence on traditional energy sources. One way to do that is to build energy-efficient buildings that reduce energy consumption.

New Organization

One of its kind in Canada, that joins the suppliers of energy-efficient building products in a cooperative group to reach growing markets.

New Contacts, Increased Sales

Your company can profit from increased sales to new markets you could never access efficiently on your own.

Turn Expertise in Energy Efficiency into Profit

Your company is proud of the innovative, energy-efficient homes and buildings it constructs. So why not profit by sharing your expertise and success in new markets? With membership in the Energy Efficient Exporters’ Alliance (EEEA), you make the contacts and establish the channels you need to sell your products, services, and technology around the world.

Our Partners

To reduce dependence on imported energy, large overseas markets want what you can supply to build energy-efficient buildings.

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